How can an administrator change his password?

This section explains the procedure for the administrator to change his own account.


Pre-setting (for general administrator)

General administrators need to set the following permissions to change their own passwords.


1. Log in with an all-rights administrator account.


2. Settings> Admin> Admin settings > [Edit] of the target administrator> Select [Change Password] in "Sign-in password" in the "Basic info" category to register.


Change administrator's own password

1. Log in to your administrator account.


2. Open Settings> Admin> Admin Settings > Edit on your own administrator name.


3. Click the [Change password] button of the "Sign-in password" item.


4. Enter the current password and the new password, and click the [Change Password] button.


5. The administrator registration screen will reappear, so click the [Register] button to complete.



If you are a general administrator, the "Login password" item will not be displayed unless the above-mentioned preset settings have been made. Please request the change from the Master administrator.


Process password change by Master admin

1. Click Settings > Admin Settings > Target Administrator's [Edit]> [Sign-in Password] item and click the [Change Password] or [Reset Password] button.


Change Password

This is a method to set a temporary password.


1. Click the [Change Password] button to display the temporary password input screen. Enter a temporary password and click the [Change Password] button.

2. The registration screen will reappear. Click the [Register] button.


3. After the change, the relevant person logs in with the newly set temporary password. Enter a temporary password in "Current password" and set this optional password.


Password reset

How to reset your password.

1. Click the [Reset Password] button to display the reset confirmation screen. Check the designated email address and click [Reset]. For the recipient's email address, the address registered for the person is displayed, but you can enter any address.


2. Your password will be reset, and you will receive a link to the "Password Change Screen" by email. *The link is valid for 24 hours after the email is sent.


3. When the relevant person accesses the link, the password change screen is displayed. Enter any password in "New Password" and enter the same password for confirmation.Click the [Change Password] button.
* In the future, you will be able to log in with the newly set password. 


About configurable passwords (password policy)

The password that can be set depends on the "Password policy setting" you have set.

*If a password policy is set, it will be displayed on the password change screen.


-Settings > Company settings > "Password policy settings"


If the "Password policy setting" item is not displayed and you want to use it, please contact us from the inquiry form .

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