Is it possible to restrict access from home etc. for login of general administrator?

Is possible. You can control to enable login only when accessing from the permitted IP address.


Conditions of use

To use, internal settings in the support center are required. Please use the inquiry form to let us know that you would like to use the "IP access restriction function".


Setting up

Follow the procedure below to open the IP access restriction screen.


Settings "Administrator "> Administrator settings > [Edit] of the target administrator> Basic information " IP access restrictions "> [Edit]


In the box to enter the IP address, enter the global IP address that is allowed access .

*Local IP address cannot be supported.


Click the [Register] button to save the contents and automatically add the following line. If you allow more than one IP address, please enter them appropriately. There is no upper limit to the number of settings. After the above settings, the target administrator will not be able to log in to the management screen from other than the registered IP address.

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