What is "Approval"?

This screen is for checking and processing various requests received from employees and general administrators. You can also check the requests you have processed in the past.


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Confirmation screen for approval waiting for application

 All menus> Approval of application> [Waiting for my approval] tab

From the above screen, you can check the applications waiting for approval that you received, such as stamp corrections and schedule change requests from employees and managers.


Screen explanation



(1)You can specify the division and employee type to be displayed.


(2)You can select the display period. If you select "All", applications for the entire period will be displayed. When you specify the period, you can select whether to specify the period by "Application date" or "Target date".


(3)You can specify the requesting employee of the application to be displayed by employee code.


(4)You can specify the requesting employee of the application to be displayed by name.


(5)You can specify the application to be displayed in the application message.


(6)View work schedules and leave requests.


(7)Displays the request for time record.


(8)Display the application for supplementary items.


(9)Display the application for new employee registration from the general administrator who has the authority setting of "Employee settings: ■View/Apply" .


(10)Display overtime applications.

*If you have applied for overtime work with "Overtime work upper limit", this will be "Overtime work upper limit application".


* You can check the details of the application by clicking the yellow bar such as "Schedule / Vacation Request" . You can check the application details and work data, and process approval / rejection here.


Description of each tab

Tab name Display content
Awaiting my approval Display the application you are responding to.
Awaiting approval from others

View the applications you have in the application approval flow.

  • Requests that have been approved by you and are waiting for the action of the top approver
  • Waiting for the response of the sub-approver, and the application you will respond to later
Confirmed Displays the confirmed applications that you have included in the application approval flow.
Confirmed by rejecting or approving by the final approver.
My requests As an administrator, you can check the processing status of the application for which you have made a proxy application.
Proxy application can be performed by an administrator who has been granted the "■View/Request" authority in the administrator settings.

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Approve the application

1. If there is an application that you should approve, it will be displayed in the "Attention" menu on the home screen.  "Schedule/vacation request""Application for time record request" etc. will be displayed. Clicking on these items will bring up Requests waiting my approval screen.

You can also access it from All Menu > Confirm > Request Approval .)


2. Specify the display conditions and click the [Display] button. Click the dropdown button to expand the details and approve or reject it.


(1)You can approve or reject applications in a batch. Check ① and select all applications, or check the target application and click either the [Approve] button or [Reject] button at the top. Also, select whether to copy the administrator's comment or the application message in the remarks column of the time card . The administrator's comment can be entered in the "correspondence content" of each application.


(2)It is a button to approve / reject each application.


(3)In the remarks column of the time card, you can select whether to copy the administrator comment or the application message. If you reject, neither will be copied. The administrator comment can be confirmed from the "application history" of the employee account, whether it is approved or rejected.


(4)Display the applicable day. You can also check the current work status by clicking [Work Data].


(Five)You can check the closing status.


(6)You can check the employee data for the application.


(7)You can check the application details.


-The administrator will be notified by email at the time of application
・Employees will be notified by e-mail when approved or rejected.
-To notify by email, it is necessary to register an email address for each administrator and employee.

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