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Is it possible to notify by email at the time of application or approval?

Is possible. There are two types of email notifications:

  • A function to notify the administrator by e-mail when an employee applies
  • Ability to notify employees by email when the administrator approves or rejects


It is necessary to log in to the management screen to perform processing work such as approval / rejection of the application. This function serves as a notification email.


Terms of use

Only those who have registered their e-mail address in the following items can use it.


  • Settings " Administrator> > Administrator settings > [Edit] of the target administrator> Basic information " Email address"
    ⇒The administrator will receive an "application" and "application cancellation" email from the employee.


  • Employee> > Employee Settings > [Edit] of Target> Basic Information " Email Address"
    ⇒Employees will receive "approval" and "rejection" emails from the administrator.



Follow the steps below to proceed with the settings.


Settings " Others> > Option > Request approval setting “Request approval email notification function""

  • Notify approver of requests and cancellations via emails
  • Notify requester of approval and rejection via email


Please check the items you want to be notified by email. From the next application, a notification email will be sent to the registered email address.

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