How should I set flextime work in the system?

The setting method differs depending on the work rules, but here we will show you the setting method when the flex system is calculated on a monthly basis according to the following rules.


  1. Clearing period : 1st to last day of every month
  2. Working hours during the specified period : Contract working hours per day x Specified number of days per month
  3. Core time : 10:00 to 15:00
  4. Overtime hours : Instead of recording overtime hours on a daily basis, overtime hours are calculated when the specified monthly working hours are exceeded.
  5. Paid leave : Treated as having worked for one day on the paid leave


Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website
Easy-to-understand explanation and introduction guide of the flextime system(※External link)


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It is a setting that enables the modified labor function.

1. Settings > Other > Options > "Attendance management settings" category > "Variavle labor setting function" > Check "Use". At the same time, register with the "Labor Standard Time Display" checked.


2. Options > “Attendance management settings” category > Extra overtime aggregation function > Use one level of extra overtime hours


* The flextime system is set for each employee type (employee). As an option, it is set for the entire company, so there is no problem even if you select the extra overtime total function> use two levels of extra overtime hours. In that case, please register only "extra overtime" in the employee type setting.

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Employee type setting

Set a deadline

Select Settings> Employment Category Settings> Target Category [Edit]> "Basic Information" Category> "Closing Date" to register.


Set working hours to flextime system

1. Select "Working style" category in the employment category setting> " Variable working hours system" in the "Working hours" item> Select "Manual setting (Flex etc.)" and click [Variable labor setting].



2. Set the "Common" item as specified below.


Units to be used
Check "Monthly" .


Applicable items
Select the items that are subject to the flextime system.
"Fixed" "Extra hours" "Fixed Late-night hours "Extra Late-night Hours"
*Depending on the setting, "Late-night" may be displayed for late night hours and extra late-night hours.


Work day type

Select the type of work day that is the target of the flextime system.
"Weekdays" "Legal time-off" "Non-legal time-off"
*If you do not use the holiday overtime function, the target work day type will not be displayed. Internal settings are required at the support center.


Overtime calculation method
Select the modified overtime calculation method of the flextime system.

  • “Account in time series”: Accumulate working hours excluding overtime one day at a time. From the day when the standard time is exceeded, it will be recorded as overtime.
  • "Account from latest non- scheduled hours ": Accumulate overtime from the non-scheduled day with the newest date within the monthly setting period. If there are overtime hours and late night hours on the same day, the hours will be in the order of latest.


※ 「Click here for details on "common" items.


3. Select "Flexible" in "Variable Working Hours Type" in the "Monthly" item, and then click [Standard (hrs) setting per month].



4. Enter the standard hours and clearing months for monthly modified work, the handling of excess and deficiency of working hours, and the total legal working hours, and click [Register].



Number of months to clear
 Selects the period for clearing the actual working hours and the predetermined working hours.
Here, it is in units of one month, so select one month.

Handling of excess or deficiency of working hours (in the case of monthly units)Will settle the shortfall in working hours for the reference time that occurred in the month by either of the following.
・ Clearing in the current month (Clearing in the current month and deducting the shortage of wages)
・Settle the shortfall in the next month (add to the base time of the next month)
(However, it is not possible to add more than the total legal working hours of the following month.)

If you want to settle in the next month, you need to set a reference time for the next month as well.
Overtime hours are settled monthly.

The total legal working hours are calculated as 40 hours x the number of calendar days in the month ÷ 7 .
Enter the reference time for variable work within this total frame.

* Please refer to here for the flextime system for multiple months.


Set overtime hours

Settings > Employment category settings > [Edit] of the target category > “Overtime aggregation of days” category > Uncheck the following in “Overtime start time” to leave it unset.

□ Work that exceeds [] hours [] minutes will be counted as overtime.

□ Count work (hrs) that exceeds the schedule as overtime
*Overtime hours for each day will not be counted. 



Set the account of working hours

Click [Details]> "Overtime work hours allocation type" : Select "Set to specified hours". Scheduled work hours registered in the schedule settings described later-Working hours other than the scheduled time to leave will be counted as "non-scheduled". If you want to record this as "fixed", the following settings are required.



Setting of inclusion in overtime calculation of vacation deemed time

Settings > Employee type settings > [Edit] of the target category > Click [Details] in the “Leave-related” category > “Include non-scheduled leave hours / overtime calculation”: Select “Do not include”.


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Schedule settings

Set core time (schedule pattern)

Click Settings> Schedule> Pattern Settings > [New Registration] and enter the following to register.



  • Scheduled work (core time start time) … Example) Enter 10:00 on the day.
  • Clock-out schedule (Core Time end time)… Example) Enter 15:00 on the day.
    *This is for calculating late-in or early-out
  • Break setting ... Use this setting if your company has a fixed break-time.


Set only working hours when taking paid leave

Currently, how to take a vacation

There are two. The settings differ depending on which method you are using, so please check the article below.

※ The default when issuing an account after June 16, 2020 is "Use leave type setting".

Reference article: How to apply leaves. How can you distinguish between "use pattern" and "use leave type"?


When using a pattern

Settings > Schedule > Pattern settings > Open holidays [Edit] > Enter “Discretionary working hours” to register.

Enter the discretionary work hour in numerics such as 8 hours and 0 minutes, or check "Calculate "Daily contract hours" applied to every Employee type or Employee as Discretionary work hours" set for each employee" .


*If you take paid leave, the working hours are added to fixed hours.


When using leave type

Settings > Schedule > Leave type settings > Paid [Edit] >

  • Leave Type-only Schedule Request: "Allow leave request by entering leave type only"
  • Calculate Discretionary Holiday Work Hours: Enter "Calculate" to register.


Set the deemed working hours by the following method.

1. Settings > Schedule > Pattern settings > Work pattern [Edit] > Click [Details] in the “Schedule” category > Select “Record discretionary working hours” in “Discretionary working hours”


2. Enter "discretionary work start time" and "discretionary work end time"



The discretionary working hours when taking half a day off can be recorded only by the scheduled time of clock-in and clock-out of the "AM / PM attendance pattern" set in the pattern.



The explanation is an example of setting the flextime system. However, we understand that there are various calculation rules depending on the company.
If you have any problems with the settings, please feel free to contact the support center.

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