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What is a "time card"? (PC login) * For employees

The time card is a screen where you can check the work data such as the time stamp, time total, and number of days total in real time, and apply for change of the time stamp data and schedule.


From the PC browser, log in to the employee account and display it.


Click here for the specifications of the time card when logging in with an administrator account .


If the item is customized by the administrator, the upper left of the screen is "Time Card (Custom)" instead of "Time Card". in this case, Summary items may differ from this article.

The specifications of other operation items may change from this article depending on various settings.


table of contents


Screen description



number title explanation
1 Specify display conditions

Specify the display month and display data. Click the [View] button to display the data.

The following can be selected in "Options".

Weekly aggregation
In the daily data, the overtime hours after applying "Legal working hours per week" are displayed.

Display location information

The position information acquired at the time of stamping is displayed. Location information can be obtained when using the smartphone app, My Recorder, or mobile browser stamping.

Classify holidays as Legal and Non-legal holidays

Monthly data> The "Holiday" summary column in the time summary column is displayed separately for "Legal holidays" and "Non-statutory holidays".

Show remaining leaves as of today

-On: Displays the number of remaining vacations as of today.
・ Off: Displays the number of remaining vacations as of the end of the month.
* Displayed only on the time card of the current month.

2 Monthly data

Aggregate hours

Check aggregated data such as working hours.

Aggregate days

Check the number of days you go to work and the number of days you take leave.
・ Weekdays: Number of work hours on weekdays
・ Holiday: Number of times of work on holidays
・ Late: Number of late arrivals
・ Early leave: Number of early leave
・ Paid leave, paid leave, etc .: Number of vacations taken

3 Daily data Check the daily stamp data, schedule, and work summary.


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How to check daily data



title explanation
Closing Displays the tightening status.
check mark(On the day when) is displayed, the administrator has closed the attendance, and you cannot apply for stamping or schedule.
Confirmed Displays the attendance confirmation status.
check mark(On the day when) is displayed, the employee has "confirmed attendance" and cannot apply for stamping or schedule.
schedule Shows attendance schedule or vacation acquisition.

When the "pattern" created by the administrator in advance is registered, the pattern name is displayed, and when the scheduled time for which the pattern is not registered is registered, "shift" is displayed.
Workday type One of "Weekday", "Legal holiday", and "Non-legal holiday" is displayed.
Clock in/ clock out/ start break/ end break The stamping method, stamping time, and location information are displayed.

Stamping method

The means on which the stamp is recorded, such as "Position (mobile)", "P", and "Acknowledgement", are displayed. ( Click here for details).

Stamping time
It is displayed in the format of hh: mm.

location record
The location information acquired at the time of stamping is displayed.
Note The remarks entered by the administrator are displayed. The administrator chooses whether or not to reflect the employee's application message in the remarks at the time of approval.
Attendance error The days highlighted in pink are "error work" and need to be corrected.


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various operations



number title explanation
1 Schedule request Apply for schedule changes and vacations for one month at a time.
2 Confirmed attendance The employee confirms the attendance for one month, and if there is no problem, click this button to mark it as "attendance confirmed".

If there is an error work within the month, the error message "The attendance cannot be confirmed because there is an error work within the period" is displayed and the button is not displayed.
3 Time card / EXCEL output Download the time card in PDF format or Excel format.
* PDF format cannot be downloaded in an English environment.
4 Leave details Check the leave grant and acquisition history.
5 Request

Click the [≡] button to display the application items.

Time record request

Apply for correction of stamped data .

Suppl. request

Register and apply for auxiliary items .

Schedule request
Apply for leave or work .

Overtime request

Apply for overtime work .


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