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What should I do if my mobile phone (feature phone) cannot obtain location information?

If you are unable to obtain location information when you use a mobile phone (feature phone) to clock-in using a mobile browser , please check the settings below.


If you are using a smartphone, the handling method differs.


Please refer to this article  "What should I do if the position information in the smart phone can not be acquired?"


Division setting

Settings > Organization > Time recorder settings > [Edit] of each division or basic time recorder settings > Mobile browser time record/My recorder settings > “Location acquisition mode”


Check if "Obtain location information when time-record" is selected in the above item.


Mobile device settings

Please check whether the GPS function, the simple location information function, or both functions are turned on on the mobile device . If it is OFF, location information cannot be acquired.


Mobile browser clear cache

If a large amount of temporary internet files (cache) is accumulated on the mobile browser, it may not operate properly. Please delete the cache data of the mobile browser once and try the clock-in again.


Mobile device software updates

It may not work properly with older software versions. If you have a newer version of the software, try clock-in again after updating.

* For clear cache and software update , the operation method differs depending on the browser used.

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