Is it possible to obtain location information with a mobile phone or smartphone and clock-in?

With the mobile browser recorder and My recorder, it is possible to obtain location information when time recording. The setting items are as follows.



Settings Organization Time recorder settings > [Edit] of basic time recorder settings or time recorder settings by division> Mobile browser setting/My recorder settings “ Location acquisition mode ”


In the above item, select "Obtain location information when clock-in". If you select "Obtain location information when clock-in" and check "Disable time-record when location information cannot be obtained", you can only time record if location information can be obtained


Mobile terminal settings

  • GPS function
  • Simple location information function


Location information can be obtained from any mobile device that supports any of the above. Please set it on the mobile terminal side so that you can use it.


Available devices

  • feature phone
    docomo... Models compatible with open i-area

    au…EZ Navi network model (device:gpsone) that can acquire location information and EZ Navi network

    Models that support the location scheme described in the Action attribute of the SoftBank...form element


  • smartphone
    iPhone... Browser that supports Geolocation API

    Android... Browser that supports Geolocation API


*For supported models, please contact each carrier or terminal manufacturer.


* It may not work properly even with the corresponding model, so we recommend that you verify it with an actual device.


*It cannot be used with some mobile phones (feature phones and mobile phones) that do not support "SHA-2 certificate".


*For mobile phone models that do not support SHA-2, please check the information from each mobile phone carrier.


Check NTT Docomo page

Check the KDDI page

Check the SoftBank page

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