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Can I use the time recorder even if I switch user accounts on Windows?

Yes this is possible.


The software for time recorder is installed for all users. After switching the user account, you can use the time recorder by accessing the time recorder URL.



In a state that launched the time recorder, you will not be able to launch the time recorder in a different account. Be sure to close the time recorder before switching user accounts.


Also, "Registration of trusted sites" must be performed for each user account.


Please refer to the contents here and do it for each user account.


Introduction of new time recorder

In addition to the Internet Explorer version time recorder, a Windows desktop version time recorder is available. This is a desktop version application that does not depend on the browser environment.


It can be started and recorded even when offline or during maintenance , and is equipped with new functions such as automatic switching between attendance and attendance recording modes and designated working days.


You can transfer at no charge, so please consider using the Windows desktop version of the time recorder.

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