What is the reason why the name is not displayed when exporting the time record data?

It is possible that you have registered "deprecated characters" .


When "Deprecated characters" are registered

If you use deprecated characters, events such as display/output failure may occur even though input is possible.


-The name is not displayed on the time clock.

  ・When outputting to a time card, the data becomes pure white.

  ・When outputting data, the data breaks in the middle.

  ・The name of the email text at the time of application/approval is changed.


※ Please note that if you use "deprecated characters" even when importing data, the display may be broken or events such as output failure may occur .



・Half-width, full-width blank

・Alphanumeric characters (full-width/half-width)

· Wonder

・Kana (full-width/half-width)

・JIS first-level kanji

・JIS Second Level Kanji

・Half-width symbols

・Double-byte symbols that are not model-dependent

・Some machine-dependent characters


Click here for a list of recommended characters   Will be.


not recommended

・Half-width symbol = (equal)

・Half-width symbol & (And)

・JIS Level 3 Kanji

・JIS Level 4 Kanji

・Model-dependent characters other than those recommended


* Depending on the setting items, you may not be able to register even if you have entered the recommended characters due to input restrictions.

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