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What is "Employee Group Data [CSV]"? *Data input (import)

◆ All Menu > Export/Import > Data Input (Import) > [Employee Group Data [CSV]]


On this operation screen, you can assign employee groups to employees by importing CSV data .


*This item is a setting > Other > Option > "Employee group function" -> Only displayed when it is set to use .


Employee group data output

First, download the standard employee group data (CSV format).


All Menu > Export/Import >   Data output (import) > [Employee group data [CSV]]


Select the division/employee type to which you want to assign the employee group, and click [Data Output]. Employee group data (CSV format) will be downloaded. Save it on your desktop.


Create CSV data

Open the saved CSV file in Notepad or Excel. Type 1 in the column for the employee group you want to assign to the employee row and enter the assignment information. Save the file in CSV format when you have finished.


Please read "Employee Group Tree Data" for an input example.
* All menus> Export / Import> Data entry (import)> [Employee group data [CSV]]> [Employee group tree data]



Import the prepared CSV data.


1. Click [Select File] in "2. Select CSV File" and select the created CSV file.


2. Click [Upload] to display the confirmation screen. If there is no problem, click the [Register] button. The import will start.

*If the error list is displayed, you need to modify the CSV file, delete all error elements, and then upload again.

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