How do I integrate with KING OF TIME Secure Login?

What is KING OF TIME secure login?

It is a cloud management type security service that provides easy and secure Windows logon using biometric authentication and one-time password, trail management by log recording, and time and attendance management stamping cooperation function.


What can be achieved with KING OF TIME secure login

  1. Enhanced security for Windows logon
  2. Windows logon / logoff logging (trail management)
  3. Time and attendance stamping in collaboration with KING OF TIME


About usage charges

The KING OF TIME series has achieved "one price". Therefore, all of the following services can be used only with the KING OF TIME usage fee ( Click here for KING OF TIME billing rules ).


  • Attendance management system "KING OF TIME"
  • Personnel management system "KING OF TIME Huubhr"
  • Cloud-based PC authentication strengthening system "KING OF TIME secure login"
  • Attendance information visualization system "KING OF TIME data analysis"


When using face authentication or finger hybrid authentication with KING OF TIME secure login, an initial fee will be charged separately.


When will it be available?

KING OF TIME Secure Login is not available during the KING OF TIME trial period.


If you apply during the trial period, we will issue an account after the end date of the trial period 30 days after the start of the trial.


If you would like to try KING OF TIME Secure Login during the trial period, please contact our support center.


Flow of start of use

We will guide you through the flow of starting to use.


1. Apply

Please apply from the application form .

In addition, we will issue accounts for the following three services at the same time. You cannot apply for only one.

  • KING OF TIME secure login
  • KING OF TIME Huubhr
  • KING OF TIME data analysis


Customers with a contract with an agency
After applying, please inform the person in charge of the agency.


2. Notification of account information

The support center will send you an email with your account information. Please log in according to the email.


3. Employee data linkage

If you log in to KING OF TIME Secure Login and click the [KING OF TIME Linkage] button in the user settings menu, KING OF TIME employee data will be imported.


Employee data linkage cannot be performed during the following Web API time limits.
Time limit 8: 30-10: 00/17: 30-18: 30


4. Support

Please refer to the manual for the setting method .


If you have any questions, we will inform you at the support center. Please see here for how to contact us.

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