Operations flow from ordering to delivery of BT-2500.

*This content is for direct sales.



We will guide you through the process from ordering to delivery of BT-2500.


Flow from ordering to delivery

1. Order

Please place an order from the cart ( click here for information on the cart). You will receive an automatic delivery email immediately after completing your order from the cart. The second email you will receive after that describes the ordering procedure.


Please check the following two points.

  • (If the payment method is bank transfer) Transferee account information
  • URL of initial setting request form


2. Payment

If the payment method is bank transfer, please transfer the device price to the account described in the email.


3. Input of initial setting data

Please access the URL of the initial setting request form written in the email and enter the setting information.


The URL of the initial setting request form is also described below.


4. Delivery

After confirming [Payment of device price] and [Initial setting data], we will proceed with shipping arrangement. We will deliver the BT-2500 with the initial settings made by us.


When ordering up to 10 units, the delivery time is about 7 to 10 business days. If you place an order for 11 or more units, it depends on the number of units. Please contact us using the inquiry form.


How to enter the initial setting data

Enter the following information in the initial setup request form.


■Enter customer information

Enter the division you want to set on the terminal body, operation settings, etc. These settings cannot be changed from the LCD touch panel menu on the main unit after delivery. If you want to change this setting later, please contact the support center.

  • Company name
  • Company code
  • Order number


■Enter your division information

Please check the settings > Organization > [Time Recorder Settings] and enter the same information.

*You need to enter the registered division information in the division settings on the management screen. Please be careful not to enter unregistered (non-existing in the management screen) division information.

  • Division code
  • Division name
  • Time recorder ID


The time recorder is set and installed for one department. If you want to allow multiple employees to time record with one device, please register for help (reference) in advance.


■Terminal ID/PW setting

It is an ID/PW that requires input to display the setting screen on the terminal. Please enter 4 single-byte numbers.

  • Administrator ID
  • Admin PW


■ Switching of display buttons

Please select one from the following options.

  • Mode operation
    Once you select the "Clock in" or "Clock out" button, the "Clock in" or "Clock out" button will remain displayed even after time record. It is suitable for cases where each employee has similar working hours, such as when "attendance" is continuously recorded.
  • Automatic operation
    It is a setting that automatically switches between "Clock in" and "Clock out" modes according to the desired time zone. It is suitable for cases where each employee's working hours are similar, such as when "attendance" is continuously recorded depending on the time of day. If you select this, set the time to switch to work / leave mode.
  • Select every time function
    After selecting the "Clock in" or "Clock out" button and recording,  the display will return to the unselected state.
    The next employee to be stamped will have to reselect "Clock in" or "Clock out". It is suitable when employees who records "Clock in" and employees who records "Clock out" coexist at the same time.


■ Wired setting

Select whether or not to use a wired (LAN cable) connection method for the network.

*If you want to use wireless connection, you need to set it from the terminal.


Presence or absence of connection

  • Yes
  • No

The following items require answers when "Yes" is selected.


IP address acquisition method

  • Automatic (DHCP)
  • Manual


■ Proxy settings

If you need proxy settings, enter the required information

Presence or absence of proxy settings

  • Yes
  • No

The following items require answers when "Yes" is selected.


IP address acquisition method

  • Proxy server IP address
  • Proxy port number
  • Authentication user name
  • Authentication password


■ NTP server

If you want to specify the NTP server, please select it below and enter it. If not specified, it will be set on the public server.


Specify NTP server

  • Specified by NTP server name
  • Specify by NTP server address
  • unspecified

The following items must be answered when "Specify by NTP server name" is selected.

  • NTP server name

The following items must be answered when "Specify by NTP server address" is selected.

  • NTP server address


■ Email address

We will send you a confirmation e-mail confirming that you have entered the initial setting data. Please input your email address.


■ Request for login permission

Please login to your environment for initial setting of BT series terminals. Please see here for how to set login permission.
*Please set the login permission period to about one week.

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