How to check to test if the settings are correct?

If you want to create non-actual time record or schedule data, create and register a test employee so that the actual data is not affected.


* The time recorded data affects the display of the attendance rate and the overtime upper limit regulation.
Also, if you use "KING OF TIME data analysis", it will affect the analysis result. Please be careful.

* Even if employee data is deleted, if the employee's attendance data ( see here for billing rules) still displays, it will still be charged.


Employee setting screen



How to delete unnecessary time record / schedule data

Unnecessary time record data and schedules can be deleted at once as "Attendance outside tenure". See here for details.


Deleting method other than the above

If you cannot respond by deleting the non-working data, or if you want to delete the data by specifying a specific period, please delete it by the following method.


1. Log in as a master administrator and open the daily or monthly data screen.



2. Open the test employee's time card screen.



3. Click the edit button (pencil mark) on the date to be deleted.



4. Click the Delete Work Entirely button.



5. Click the [Delete] button on the work data deletion confirmation screen.


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