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What are the conditions for alert notification?

Introducing the conditions subject to alert notification.


Notification function specifications

・ Notification is sent when the data to be notified exists at the time set in the notification timing setting.

-The notification target data is created when the summary data is created.

* Summary data: Attendance data such as scheduled, non-scheduled, and overtime data collected monthly.


Conditions for creating notification target data

If the summary data is created (recreated) after the following ① or ② and the alert conditions are met, the notification target data will be created.


① When there is a change in attendance data or a change in the aggregation range

-Edit time data and approve applications (including changes such as remarks that are not related to time performance)

・Option > "Month display range" changed

・Change attendance data with import function

・Other > Perform time data recalculation of time data

・Enter the employee's retirement date


② When the alert setting itself is changed


Timing when summary data is created

① What can be done intentionally by operating from the management screen

Others> Perform time data recalculation of attendance data


② What is done automatically by the system

・ When the monthly data screen is displayed * When the summary data does not exist

・ When the time card screen is displayed * When summary data does not exist

・ Regular batch at night * If summary data does not exist ... etc


* ② is data deletion and recalculation at the timing required by the system, and not all patterns can be listed.


* Example when alert notification is issued or not

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