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Update Notice (February 9, 2021)

Thank you for always using "KING OF TIME". We are pleased to announce that we have updated the system and are now able to use it more conveniently.




More variety of data on the 5 Days Mandatory Leave Alert screen

Previously, the 5 Days Mandatory Leave Alert screen only shows those who are subject
to the alert.
However, the screen does not show the following.
● Employees who have already taken leaves
● Employees who have not taken leave but have not reached the alert date yet after
From now on, you can filter the list of employees by "Leaves Taken" and
"Not Taken (Before alert date)" data.




Variable working hours (yearly) calculation feature

The previous version can only set variable working hours by week, month, and flextime
setting. Yearly variable working hours setting is available now.




Perform attendance data confirmation settings at Options

Previously, customers were required to contact the support center to enable the
attendance data confirmation feature.
From now on, the setting will become available at Options.
In addition, the Attendance Confirmation Request feature is disabled for new users.
This revision is based on our labor and social security attorney’s advice that employees
should be able to confirm their own attendance.
* Those who are already using the Attendance Confirmation Request feature can
continue using it.




Enhanced annual leave settings

The previous leave-related settings comply with the Labor Standards Law.
As a result, the system was unable to follow the company's own rules on granting
leaves, such as granting leaves on the day of employment or granting a different number
of days after the seventh year of service. The new version expands the functionality
to customize the condition for granting paid holidays.




Check the calculation procedure for monthly totals

We received a lot of inquiries regarding how variable work hours, extra overtime, rounding,
etc. are calculated in the monthly data screen.
The new version allows customers to check the calculation procedure from a button
on the Time Card screen.




Changes to default values and required fields of the setting items

The following settings are mandatory in the new version.

  • Closing date
  • Number of work days per week (contract work days)
  • Late night hours
  • National holiday name


The following items have default values when creating new Employee Types.

  • Number of work days per week (contract work days)
  • Late night hours
  • Overtime start time
  • Statutory working hours per week




Removal of “Flex” schedule pattern

In the previous version, the list of schedule types in the Create Schedule Pattern screen contained the
Flex pattern. However, mixing flex patterns with regular work patterns within an
employee's schedule caused incorrect attendance data calculation. To prevent this
issue, we have removed the Flex option from the Schedule type menu.
* Those who are already using the Flex pattern can continue using it.


Removal of the “Effective period: Unlimited” option

To prevent server load, the"Unlimited” option is removed from the leave expiration
setting. When creating a new subtractive leave, the default expiration setting is 3
years after the grant date.
* Existing leave types that are using the Flex pattern can continue using it after the


Removal of the "Save Sign in ID" checkbox from the login screen

The "Save Sign-in ID" checkbox on the sign-in screen stored your ID in Cookies, so the
the browser could automatically enter your ID the next time you sign in.
We have removed this feature for better security.


Discontinuation of "http" URLs in mobile browser recorders

We have changed the mobile browser recorder addresses from "http" to "https" for better security. Only
URLs beginning with "https" are accessible.

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