How is it calculated if the period covered by the calculation is less than one year in the yearly variable work?

Due to mid-career hire, mid-career retirement, change of employment classification, etc., the calculation period of one-year variable work may be less than one year. Each is calculated as follows.


For mid-career hires and retirees, overtime hours are counted as overtime hours that exceed the total legal working hours during the actual working period. Mid-career hires are calculated at the end of the applicable period, and mid-career retirees are calculated at the time of retirement.


Total legal working hours = (number of days actually worked ÷ 7 days) x 40 hours


This also applies to employees who were transferred during the period and were subject to modified work, and employees who were excluded from the target, but at the time of transfer, "Use" is selected in the "Employee history management function". If you want to calculate overtime hours.

* If you wish to use the "employee history management function", please contact the support center.




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