What are the billing rules?

It is a pay-as-you-go system according to the number of people clock-in as of the end of the month.


If the clock-in occurs even once in a month, it will be counted as one person.


Time record editing and automatic recording of working hours based on discretionary work patterns are also considered to be recorded and are subject to billing.


Be billable Not eligible for billing
・ Clock in and clock out time records (excluding break stamps)
・ Time record editing by managers and employees
・ Approved time record requests 
・ Discretionary work pattern (direct-visit / no-return/ direct-visit & no-return) * Even if the scheduled time for clock in and clock out is blank, you will be charged.
・ Time without vacation (8 hours without holiday, etc.)


・ You will not be charged just by registering employee data.
-Even if employee data is deleted, if the employee's attendance data (see the table above) still exists, it will still be billed.


To direct sales customers
・Please refer to here for how to check the invoice .
・Please refer to here for the payment method of the usage fee .
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