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How can I delete an employee?

In this system, "deletion" and "resignation date processing" have different concepts.



Delete unused employee data. You will not be able to view or output attendance data when you are enrolled. Use this for employees who have been mistakenly registered, who have deleted information that they have registered as test employees, or who do not need to be referenced retroactively.

*If the deleted employee has time record data, it will be charged.


You can cancel the deletion by clicking the [Restore Deleted Employees] button that appears when you log in as a full- right administrator .

* If you delete an employee, the authentication information will also be deleted.


[Resignation date processing]

It will not be displayed in the list of monthly data after resignation date. If you display the past period, you can check and output attendance data during your tenure. We recommend this for normal resignation processing.


In both processes, the recorded time record data is not deleted and can be restored at any time. Therefore, if you have time record data in the current month, it will be counted as one user, so please be careful.



[When deleting]


Settings " Employee "> Employee settings > [Delete]> [Delete]


[For resignation date processing]


Settings " Employees "> Employee settings > [Edit] of target person> Employment info [Details]> Enter "Resignation date"> [Register]

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