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What is a "Compound Alert"?

It is a function that can handle multiple alerts as one condition. 


For example, suppose you create the following two alerts:


  1.  "Extract employees who have overtime for 1 minute or more"

  2.  "Extract employees who work overtime less than 4 hours"


To extract 1, it is a condition that overtime work of 1 minute or more has occurred. 


To extract 2, the condition is that overtime is less than 4 hours, but it is also applicable when there is no overtime. 


If you want to avoid this, the "Compound alert" is to combine the alerts 1 and 2 to create an alert that "extracts employees who have overtime work of 1 minute or more and less than 4 hours ".



It is assumed that the following three points are met. 

  • Settings > Other  > Options > Attendance management settings > "Alert function" → Must be used.

  • Settings  > Screen display  > Alert settings At, two or more alerts are registered.

  • The target of each alert to be combined must be "alert target attendance" or "alert target custom item".

  • The "target division" and "target employee type" of the alerts to be combined must match.



Settings  > Screen display  > Alert settings  > Combined alerts> [Compound alert registration]

Compound alert name

 Enter any name. 

Target criteria

 Select from the number of hours or the number of days. It should be aligned with the target criteria of the underlying alert. 

Target period

 Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly. It should be aligned with the target period of the original alert.

*For combined alerts with "Target Criteria: Time Zone", only "Daily" can be set for "Target Period". 


 Select the alerts you have created to use for the combination. 

* The alert used in the compound alert will not work by itself.


Display color

Select the color to be displayed when the conditions are met from the color palette.

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