Can half-day attendance be counted as "0.5 days"?

The number of working days on a workday when a half-day leave is taken is counted as "1 day" or "0.5 days". Accounts issued after October 14, 2015 will be counted as "1 day". If you need to count as "0.5 days", please contact the support center.



When the method of recording the number of work days when a half-day leave is taken is "0.5 days", the following two items that can be output by Export/Import > [ Monthly data [CSV] ] are output as follows.


Total clock-in days

When taking a half-day leave, it is counted as "0.5 days".


Total clock-in (count)

A half-day acquisition date that is counted as "0.5 days" on the operation screen is also counted as "1 time" attendance.

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