How is "Overtime" counted?

Depending on the setting, the calculation rule for overtime will change significantly. Settings and results may differ among customers since there is a large change depending on the employee type setting and pattern setting .


In addition, in order to understand the "outside hours ", it is necessary to understand "related hours" and "overtime" hours as related items.


Fixed (hrs)

It is the working hours determined by the schedule pattern or shift. If you assign a schedule pattern such as "09:00-18:00 (1 hour break)", the specified working hours will be 8 hours.


If the schedule pattern is not assigned, the specified working hours are until the start of overtime work.



Set overtime hours on the following screen.


Employee」> Employee type setting > [Edit] of target category> Calculate day's overtime work " Overtime start time "


Entering "8 hours 0 minutes" will result in 9 hours of work, in which 8 hours are counted as "fixed" hours and 1 hour as "overtime".


Extra hours (hrs)

In this setting, overtime hours are defined as follows.

  1. Does not correspond to the fixed working hours.
  2. Does not correspond to overtime hours.



Below are calculation results of an employee working under an 8 hour schedule (9:00-18:00 with 1 hour break), Working hours exceeding 8 hours 0 minutes are handled as overtime. The employee has worked 10:00-20:00 today.


The calculation results are as follows.


09:00-10:00 → 1 hour "late" due to absence

10:00~12:00 → 2 hours of "fixed hours" 

12:00~13:00 → 1 hour "break" time

13:00~18:00 → 5 hours "fixed hours"  *Before 18:00, the schedule is "fixed"

18:00 to 19:00 → 1 hour of "non-scheduled " time * "non-scheduled" because it is not scheduled as overtime

19:00~20:00 → 1 hour "overtime". *Actual working hours will be 8 hours until 19:00, after which is "overtime"



The following setting allows you to count overtime hours when you exceed a certain number of hours, even if you have not set up a schedule pattern.


Employee」> Employee type setting > [Edit] of target category> [Calculate day's overtime work] >「Overtime start time


If you enter "7 hours 0 minutes", if 8 hours of working time occur, up to 7 hours will be counted as "fixed" and 1 hour will be counted as "overtime".

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