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What are some ways to get a break?

There are three ways to get a break with this system, and there is also a way to use them together.


【table of contents】

  1. Time record for break
  2. Schedule break
  3. Automatic break
    *3 types of breaks combined

We will explain each specification below, so please use the calculation method of the break that best suits your company.


1. Time record for break

Employee records with time recorder

This is ideal when you want to record actual break results.


When you want to control the break record

When not using the time record for break, it can be controlled by one of the following three settings.


a. Optional

Settings > Other > Options > In the “Display Settings” category, select “Do not displat” in Break time-record to register. Recommended when you don't use time record for breaks company-wide.


  • The "Start break" and "End break" will not be displayed on the daily data screen or time card screen.

  • The "Start break" and "End break" buttons will not be displayed on the time recorder screen.
    (The Pit Touch Pro, Pit Touch Biz, and break buttons displayed on mobile browser recorders are not controlled.)


b. Employment classification setting

Settings > Employees > Employee type settings > [Edit] of the applicable employee type > In the Break-related category select "Do not approve" in the  Time Record Break item and register. Recommended when you want to control by employee type. 


  • The control method is as follows. 
Item name Description
My recorder
Mobile browser recorder
The "Start Break" and "End Break" buttons will no longer be displayed on the time recorder screen of employees belonging to that employee type.
91: Cloud recorder Even if an employee belonging to that employee type clicks the "Start Break" or "End Break" button on the time recorder, the target employee's name will not be displayed and he will not be able to proceed with time record.
Other recorders Employees belonging to that employee type will not be sent an error even if they perform "start break" and "end break" records on the time recorder.


c. Time recorder settings

Settings> Organization> Time recorder settings> [Edit]> In the “View settings” category

Click the [Edit] in "Time record button settings" . Select "No" in the "Show on screen" column of the "Start break" and "End break" buttons to register. Recommended when you want to control each time recorder by division.


  • The "start break" and "end break" buttons will no longer be displayed on the time recorder, and the time will be controlled.

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2. Schedule break

Register a break schedule in the schedule . Great when you want to get different breaks depending on your shift.


Setting method

Set the schedule pattern as follows and register it on the corresponding day.


When setting a break acquisition time

Settings > Schedule > Pattern settings > [New registration] or [Edit] of the target pattern > Enter "Break settings 1 to 3" in the "Break schedule" category to register. Click the [Add Break] button to add additional fields.


  • On the day when this pattern is registered, the break time set above will be treated as a break.


When setting the break acquisition time in the day

Settings > Schedule > Pattern Settings > [New Registration] or [Edit] of target pattern

> Open the detailed items in the "Break Schedule" category, enter the "Break Schedule", and register. Please enter in minutes.


  • On the day this pattern is registered , the break time set above will be counted as one day's break time.


"Scheduled break time" cannot specify the time period for acquiring a break. Breaks will be applied even on days when work hours are extremely short. (Working time is 2 hours, but I take a break for 1 hour, etc.)

For this reason, unless you have a specific intention, we recommend that you set it in "Break settings 1 to 3" or use "Automatic break" described later.

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3. Automatic break

A break is automatically acquired when the working hours of the day exceed the reference time.


Setting method 

*This operation can be performed by an administrator who has "view/edit" authority for the "full- right administrator " or the basic setting "employment classification setting".

Settings > Employees > Employee type settings > [Edit] of target category>

Enter a number in "Break time 1 to 3" to register.


This change does not apply to the calculation of days that have already been recorded. To reflect the changes in the past data, use  recalculate attendance data . 



Setting Example

"If working time exceeds 6 hours, give a break of 45 minutes or more, and if it exceeds 8 hours, give a break of 1 hour or more."
When making this setting, enter as follows.

Break (hrs) 1: 361Minute work45 minute of break is obtained automatically
Break (hrs) 2: 481Minute work60 minute of break is obtained automatically



Summary example

If you set to automatically take a break of "60" minutes for every "481" minutes of work, if the constraint time from clocking in to clocking out is "9:00-17:01", the working hours will be 8 hours. A break will be taken automatically for more than 1 minute.

It is aggregated as follows.

  • Fixed: "7 hours 1 minute"
  • Break: "1 hour"


Employee type break subtraction priority

"Automatic break" cannot specify the time period to get a break, but you can set which time item to subtract preferentially.


The default value is "Fixed > Extra Hours > Fixed Late-night hours > Extra Late-night Hours", but when changing it , expand the detailed items in the employee type settings > "break related" category and set it in "priority of employee type break subtraction destination". 


This setting is also applied to the "scheduled break time" in the above pattern settings.

*Customers whose late night hours are divided into fixed late night and extra late-night  will be prioritised from fixed, extra hours, fixed late-night, and extra late-night hours.

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Use different types of breaks together

You can also use the above three types of breaks together. The method of getting a break at this time will be set below.


Settings > Employees > Employee type settings > [Edit] of the target category> Expand the detailed items in the "Break related" category > "Priority order of break (hrs)"


Auto detection (default)

Compare the automatic breaks with the breaks that combine "breaking breaks" and "scheduled breaks" and adopt longer breaks.


Prioritize time record breaks

If there are time record breaks, only these breaks apply.


Sum up each break type

Apply the combined breaks of "time record breaks", "scheduled breaks" and "automatic breaks".

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