Is it possible to set do not record working hours before the scheduled work time?

It is possible not to include the working hours that occurred before the scheduled work time in the total. There are two settings, both of which behave the same.


Controlled by employee type setting

It is assumed that the scheduled work time is set in the schedule on the day.


Settings > Employees > Employee type settings > [Edit] of target category> Schedule " Handling of work before clock in schedule": "Do not treat as attendance hours "> [Registration]


Working hours that occur before the scheduled time of work are not treated as actual attendance.


Enter the work start time limit

Settings > Schedule > Pattern setting > [Edit] of target pattern> Schedule [Details]> " Work start time limit "


Enter the same scheduled work time here and register. By assigning this schedule pattern, the hours before the scheduled work time will not be counted as working hours.


Daily data > Select the target date and select [Display] > Target user's [Edit] > Schedule edit "Work time limit" > Work fixed start time


You can also enter it directly here. In this case, the calculation will be performed with the time limit applied only on the target date.



If "Handling of working before clock in schedule" is set in the employee type settings: "Do not treat as attendance hours" and "Work fixed start time" is set for clock in, "Work fixed start time" has priority.



Scheduled to work 9:00

Work start time 8:00

Actual attendance time 7:00

→Starting at 8:00 will be counted as working hours.

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