Do you use the "work start time limit" if you have set not to count the working hours before work schedule start time?

The "work start time limit" that can be seen on the work data edit screen and pattern registration screen is a function that does not count the working hours before the entered time. At the same time, the working hours from the entered time will always be counted. Therefore set this in the employee type setting


Handling of working hours before going to work: Do not treat as working hours


Even if it is set, if you set the "work start time limit", the working hours will be calculated from that time.


For example, if you normally do not allow early departure, but want to allow only certain work days, set the employee type as above and enter the time at the work start time limit on the work data edit screen for the target day . By doing so, you will be able to count early in on the target day only.


I will explain the usage example.


[Example] Head office/ full-time employee/Mr. Taro

Schedule [Regular work] 09:00 to 18:00 (break 60 minutes) Normally, even if time record is done before 09:00, it will not be accepted as working hours.


If you admit early departure irregularly, enter the time to be treated as working hours (07:30) in "Work start time limit".



Working hours from 07:30 are calculated.

*The aggregated results differ depending on the employee type setting.

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