Is it possible to count the number of days worked on holidays and the hours worked on holidays?

By setting "Workday type" to "Legal time-off" or "Non legal time-off", the number of days worked on holidays and working hours on holidays can be counted. Please refer to this for workday types.


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When you want to work on weekends and holidays

I will explain how to set the workday type of each day of the week, such as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, which are closed days in advance.



If you are going to work on holidays as well , please register for holidays in Settings > Others > Holiday settings .


Setting up

1. Select Settings > Schedule > Auto Schedule Settings > Organization and Employee Type, and click [View]> [Edit].


2. The type of workday on Sundays, Saturdays, and national holidays (or closed days) is defined as "legal holiday" or "non-legal holiday".


If you also have a schedule pattern that you want to assign, please register as appropriate. Please see here for process and reflection time.



When you want to manually assign holiday work days

If there is a holiday work on a day for which auto schedule settings have not been registered , or if you want to manually set a holiday work date, register as follows.


1. Open All Menu > Schedule Management . Select one division, select the target year and month, and click [Show].


2. Select the [Add Schedule] button.


3. On the next screen, in the "Original schedule" field, select the "Workday type" you want to assign. If there is a "schedule" that you want to assign at the same time, select it as appropriate.


4. Check the target date you want to assign. The settings selected in the original schedule will be reflected on that day.



5. Click [Save] to confirm.


An error will occur if a vacation pattern is registered on the days you want to be counted as holiday work days or holiday work hours.

Error name

The above error will be resolved by changing to the work pattern or "--".


About summary result

Items that are counted in "weekdays"

  • Weekday clock-in (days) 
  • Fixed (hrs)
  • Extra hours (hrs)
  • Fixed late night (hrs)
  • Late-night overtime hours


Items counted as "legal time-off"

  • Legal time-off clock-in (days) 
  • Fixed Legal Holiday (hrs)
  • Extra Hours Legal Holiday (hrs)
  • Non-legal time-off overtime
  • Fixed Late-night hours on Legal holiday 
  • Extra Late-night Hours on Legal holiday
  • Legal time-off late night overtime (hrs)


Items counted as "non-legal time-off"

  • Non-legal time-off clock-in (days) 
  • Fixed Non-legal Holiday(hrs)
  • Extra Hours on Non-legal Holiday (hrs) 
  • Non-legal time-off overtime
  •  Fixed Late-night hours on Non-legal Holiday
  • Late-night Extra Hours on Non-legal Holiday
  • Non-Legal time-off late night overtime (hrs)


*Please see here for each definition.

* Items such as "Fixed Holiday" and "Fixed Late-night hours on holiday" are displayed as default time card items . In "Fixed Holiday" the total of "Legal time-off" and "Non-legal time-off" are displayed. In addition, the total of "Fixed Late-night hours on Legal holiday" and "Fixed Late-night hours on Non-legal Holiday" is displayed in "Fixed Late-night hours on holiday".


If you want to check the information for "legal time-off" and "non-legal time-off",

  • Check holidays as legal and non-legal time-off.
  • Export in addition to layout in salary data output ( related )


  • Use Custom Display Function ( Related )

Both will be available.

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