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Can I divide holiday working hours into "legal holidays" and "non-legal holidays"?




This feature is only available if the “Unify attendance item settings” feature is enabled. If the "Show holidays as legal or non-legal" in the options for monthly data or organization data as shown in the image below is hidden, please contact our support center to change the internal settings.


Also, if the "Unify attendance item settings" feature is enabled, "Legal holidays” (Statutory holidays) and "Non-legal Holidays” (Non-statutory holidays) become available in the alert setting.


Description of the feature

In the past, work hours on the workday type of statutory and non-statutory holidays were all tallied under the Holidays category.


Therefore, if you want to calculate the data separately, you need to use the custom data item settings.


Related screens

1. Individual time cards in the admin screen

[Frequently used] menu > [Monthly data] > Time card of an employee > [Specify display condition] option


 2. Monthly data (Normal, Plan/Actual, Time slot tab)

[Frequently used] menu > [Monthly data] > [Specify display condition] option


3. Data by divisions and groups (Normal, Plan/Actual, Time slot tab)

[All menu] > [Work data] > [Data by divisions and groups] > [Specify display condition] option


4. Employee’s time card

 Both PC screens and mobile/smart phone screens are supported.


If you need to tally work hours on statutory and non-statutory holidays separately on Employee screen as well, sign in as an Admin, go to Options > Display settings > Default value settings > Attendance data-related settings and check the "Classify holidays as Legal and Non-legal holidays”. Click [Registration] to save.



If your account was issued before October 2017, the default output layout of Time Card [PDF] output is "Normal Time and Attendance Output", which looks like the following.

If you enable the “Unify attendance item settings”, the layout will change to the following.


If you change "Unified time item setting unified function" to "Use", the layout will change as below.


Please note that once the layout is changed, you cannot change it back.

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