What is a time record division?

The place of time recording (work place) is displayed in the time record division.


You can use the time recorder for each division created in the division settings , but the information about which division the time recorder was used for is recorded in the time record division.


If you want the time recorder of any division to be treated as your own division, check "Treat as own division" when registering help .



If the attendance record and the departure record are performed by different divisions (workplaces), different time record divisions will be displayed.


In that case, the record that you worked for one day at the division (workplace) you recorded last remains. This data is recorded as attendance .


Time record example

08:55 Carried out attendance at the Tokyo head office

18:08 Retired from work at Saitama branch office 


Related function introduction

If you want to display the information that you have worked at multiple locations on the time card, you need to add the "add help work function". If you would like to add functions, please contact us from the inquiry form

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