What kind of setting is required when hourly wages differ depending on the time of day?

It requires the Time slot category settings and the Labor cost estimate output feature.


Time slot category settings

The system can divide a day (including the previous and the following day) into up to eight time slots and calculate the working hours by each slot. You can do so by applying the time slots to the employee’s working hours.


You can create multiple time slots, so you can handle situations where the hourly rate differs from store to store (branches to branches). You can set different wages for each time slot.



Please make sure that the following two items are set to "Apply" in advance.


Settings > Others > Option > Attendance management settings > Time-slot category setting feature

Settings > Others > Option > Attendance management settings > Labor cost estimate output function



Settings > Schedule > Time-slot category settings > [Create New]


(1) Time-slot category code

This is an identification code for administrative purposes. This field is optional.


(2) Time-slot category name

Enter the name of the time slot.


(3) Time-slot category 1 - 8

You can divide a day into up to eight time slots. Specify the start and end of each time slot.


(4) Break arrangement

You can prioritize which time slot to subtract breaks from the working hours.


(5) Consider overtime

You can tally the overtime hours that occurred in that time slot separately.

After entering each item, click [Registration] to save.


Settings > Employee > Employee type settings > Others column > [Wage]
Set the wage for each time slot at the screen described above.


Next, allocate the time slots at the Auto schedule settings or the Schedule management screen.
The following shows an example of the setting at Schedule Management > Schedule Registration.

Select the time slot category and apply them by checking on the check boxes of the calendar.

When you are done, check the following screen to see if the time slot is reflected on the summary.

Daily data > [Time slot] tab

Monthly data  > [Time slot] tab

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