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How are off-site hours counted?

Attendance visit" in this system is a concept that assumes transfer between departments such as help work. Therefore, the time from the start of off-site to the end of off-site is treated as working hours.


If you do not want to include your off-site time in your working hours due to going out for private use, please use one of the following record button.


  • "Start off-site" when going out, "End off-site" when returning
  • "Start break" when going out, "End break" when returning
    *If you use break record, it will be counted as break time.


We will explain below about the settings for when off-site is treated as working hours. It is possible to change the time from the start off-site to the end of off-site depending on the setting, which division is recorded before or after the move.


Conditions of use

To use the go out stamp, internal settings in the support center are required.

Please contact the support center if you would like to use the "off-site button" and "Attendance visit function".


Setting method

Set with the following items.


Setting "Employee"Employee Type Setting> Edit of the target employee type> Attendance Visit> About off-site hrs"

  • Add up to division before visiting
    Off-site hours are recorded in the division that performed the time record.

  • Add up to division after visiting
    Off-site hours are added to the division that made the time record.



This change does not apply to the calculation of days that have already been recorded. To reflect the changes in the past data, use  recalculate attendance data .
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