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Is it possible to create multiple time slots so that they do not overlap?

Yes this is possible.


We will show you the setting method when you want to assign time slot 4 to 6 by newly adding time slot B while using hours 1 to 3 in time slot A.


Normally, when creating a new time zone division, if you enter a name and time in division 4 to division 6 with the start/end time of category 1 to 3 left blank and register it, the input contents will be divided into categories 1 to 3. 


To prevent this, please follow the steps below.


Setting up

Open Settings > Schedule > Time Zone Settings .


Currently, we are using categories 1 to 3 in the time slot category “Shimbashi store”. We will create a new time slot category "Yurakucho store" and assign categories 4-6 here.


Click [+Register] and enter the start time and end time of category 1-3 as "0" hour and "0" minute. As a result, categories 1 to 3 are registered as unused (dummy) categories.


Next, enter the name, short name, start time, and end time for categories 4 to 6, and click [Register].


The time zone divisions have been registered in divisions 4 to 6 without sliding to divisions 1 to 3.


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