What is "workday type"?

"Working day type" is a status that sets whether to count the working hours of the day as weekday work or as holiday work (legal time-off or non-legal time-off).


There are three options: weekdays, legal time-off, and non-legal time-off.


Set work day type

The method to specify the work day type is as follows.


The priority applied is 1 > 2 = 3 > 4 > 5


1. Forcibly set the schedule pattern

Settings > Schedule > Pattern setting > [+ New registration] or [Edit] of target pattern> Advanced features " Force settings of workday type ""


After saving above. As a result, the workday type forcibly set is always registered on the day to which the schedule pattern is assigned .


2. Register the work day type when manually registering the schedule

Register the work day type when manually registering the schedule. Please see here for details.


3. Register work day type by schedule application 

You can apply for work day type when applying for schedule.


4. Register for automatic schedule setting

Settings > Schedule > Auto schedule settings

Select workday type column for each day. By doing this, the workday type will be registered automatically.


5. Do not specify work day type

If none of the above 1 to 4 is set, the workday type will automatically be “weekdays”.


The workday type is always assigned to the workday that includes the work record and schedule . It is not possible to set the workday type to "None".


About display of work day type

You can check the assignment status of work day type as follows.


Schedule management

The days to which legal time-off are assigned are surrounded by a red frame, and the days to which non-legal time-off are assigned are surrounded by a blue frame.


Daily data/time card

 It is displayed in the "Workday type" field.


About summary result

Items that are counted in "weekdays"

  • Fixed (hrs)
  • Extra hours (hrs)
  • Overtime (hrs)
  • Fixed late night hours
  • Extra late night hours
  • Late-night overtime hours

Items counted as "time-off"

  • Fixed Legal Holiday (hrs)
  • Extra Hours Legal Holiday (hrs)
  • Legal time-off overtime (hrs)
  • Fixed Late-night hours on Legal holiday 
  • Extra Late-night Hours on Legal holiday
  • Legal time-off late night overtime (hrs)
  • Fixed Non-legal Holiday(hrs)
  • Extra Hours on Non-legal Holiday (hrs) 
  • Non-legal time-off overtime
  •  Fixed Late-night hours on Non-legal Holiday
  • Late-night Extra Hours on Non-legal Holiday
  • Non-Legal time-off late night overtime (hrs)

Work information on legal time-off or non-legal time-off is displayed separately from weekday work information (red frame).


Items that are included in "time-off" in the time summary of the time card can be added separately for "legal time-off" and "non-legal time-off". If you perform the customization of the summary field, please refer here.
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