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What is the "Plan/actual functions"?

The "plan and actual results function" is a function that calculates the scheduled work hours based on the entered schedule and compares and confirms the difference with the actual work (actual data based on clocking).


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To use this function, select "Use" in Settings>Others>Options >Schedule Setting Category>Plan/Actual Function and register. This adds two features:


1. "Plan/ Actual results" tab

The [Plan/ Actual results] tab and the [Plan/ Actual results Custom] tab are displayed on the daily data, monthly data, and organization data screens .



If you click the [Plan/Actual] tab or [Plan/Actual Custom] tab, the totals will be displayed divided into "Plan", "Actual", and "Difference".

・「If you are using the time segment function , the [Estimate/Actual] tab and [Estimate/Actual/Time Segment Custom] tab will be added at the same time, allowing you to check the forecast/actual for each time segment.

・「In an environment where " Custom data item setting function " is turned off, the [Estimated/Actual Custom] tab will not be displayed.


2. "Show total hours worked" option

On the schedule management screen, the check box "Display the total of work hours" is displayed.


If you check it and display it, the display in the "Total" column will change as follows.

part Default Check "Display total working hours"
bottom row Number of people scheduled for that day Total scheduled work hours for the day
rightmost column Number of days scheduled for the person concerned Total scheduled working hours of the person concerned


Supplement By changing the
default value setting , you can always display with a check mark.

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Registering a schedule for actual comparison

By registering a schedule for comparison with forecasts, even if the schedule changes in the middle of the month, you can check the schedule before the change.



Settings > Others > Options  > "Schedule settings" > "Plan/actual functions"  > Check "Apply/ Compare with current schedule" and register.


Registration method

If you select one division in All menus> Schedule management and display it, the [Save for plan/ actual comparison] button will be displayed. By clicking this, you can save the currently registered schedule as a schedule for plan/ actual comparison.



Confirmation method

If you check "Display schedule for plan/ actual comparison" on the schedule management screen or monthly data screen to display it, you can switch between the schedule for plan/ actual comparison and the current schedule to check.

* The daily schedule screen does not have a function to refer to the schedule for comparison between forecasts and actuals.


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Supplement: About the number of days of leave taken on the [Plan/ Actual Custom] tab

The "Schedule" column in the [Plan/ Actual Custom] tab does not correspond to "Number of days taken for leave".


If the layout of the " Custom Data Item " contains the number of vacation days taken, the "Scheduled" column in the [Plan/Actual Custom] tab will count "half-day vacation" but not "full-day vacation".


Please refer to the [Plan/Actual] tab for the number of vacation days taken, as it will be counted correctly in the [Plan/Actual] tab.


[Example] “Special leave” is taken once for a full-day leave and once for a half-day leave, for a total of 1.5 days.



Full-day leave is not counted in the "Scheduled" column and "Days of special leave taken" in the [Estimated/Actual Custom] tab.


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