Could we prevent continuous time record errors when clock out from work?

Yes this is possible.


Please note this feature can only prevent consecutive clock outs. You cannot prevent consecutive clock ins with this feature.


Setting method

Management screen Home > Other > Options > "Attendance data error settings" > Set " Clock-out auto overwrite mode" to "Apply".


Specification details

Regardless of the time stamping method, if the time stamps are continuous, it will be overwritten with "Last recorded time stamps".


Example 1

Employee presses clock out at 15:00 with IC authentication. After that, in order to finish work outside the company and go home, he presses to clock out again on his mobile phone at 18:00.

→Since the latter record overwrites the earlier clock out record, only the 18:00 clock out time stamp will remain on the time card.


Example 2

I mistakenly clock out from the office at 12:00 and, without noticing, press the start of break at 12:00 and the end of break at 13:00. After that, I clock out from the office at 18:00.

→ Only the clock out record on 18:00 remains on the time card.


Example 3

An employee works from 9:00 to 12:00. After that, she resumes work at 14:00 and leaves at 18:00. However, she needed to attend an urgent meeting that lasted for an hour and finally left the office at 19:00.

→ On the time card, there are 12:00 and 19:00 clock out.


You can also check the deleted time record from Timecard> [Edit]> [View Edit History].


Important note

If you clock in → clock out → clock out, the 2nd clock out may be reflected after the 3rd time you leave work due to network instability. Even so, only the 3rd time record will remain on the time card.

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