Is it possible to set the application approval flow for executives separately from general employees?

The application approval flow is a specification that is set for each division. To divide the flow, please handle by dividing the division and operating.


For how to register your division, please refer to this content.



Toranomon store


Toranomon store-Manager

Toranomon store-Staff


After division, set each flow in [Edit] of Settings > Admin > Request Approval Flow Settings > Target Division.



If you divide the division, you need to select each division when checking work data or outputting CSV data.


"Division group function" is a function to group divisions , but this allows you to view and output in units of assigned groups.


Below, we will show you how to set up your group.


1. Settings > Other > Options > Attendance management settings " Division group function ": Apply> [Register]


2. Settings > Organization > Division goup settings > [+ New registration]


3. Enter the group code and group name, and click [Register].


4. Click " Assign Group " at the top of the screen to assign the group to the created group and click [Register].


<Image of organization registration> 

Toranomon store (group)

┠ Toranomon-Manager (division)

┗ Toranomon-Staff (division)


Nihonbashi store (group)

┠ Nihonbashi-Manager (division)

┠ Nihonbashi-Section chief (division)

┗ Nihonbashi-Staff (division)

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