How do you set the application approval flow?

In this system, application approval flow can be created for each division unit.



The administrator account to be set in the flow is registered.


If you have not registered , please add an administrator account from Settings> Administrator> Administrator Settings> [New Registration] .


Setting up

1. Open Settings> Administrator> Request approval flow settings.


2. Click [Edit] in the "Basic application approval flow setting" or "Request approval flow by division" .

* If "Application approval flow by department" is not set, "Basic application approval flow" will be applied.


3. Select the administrator to approve and click “Register”.


4. If you want to create a multi-level flow, register as the second approver, the third approver, and so on. You can register up to 5 levels, but you do not necessarily have to register up to the 5th approver.


5. After registering the approvers, click [Registration] to save.


When setting multiple approvers at the same level

You can set multiple approvers at the same level. In this case, if any one person approves, the application will be passed to the next layer.


After registering the approvers, click [Add administrator to the same level], and the administrator selection line at the bottom will be at the same level as the previous level.

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