Can I apply for "work division", "workday type" and "work fixed start/end time" from my mobile browser?

You can do this by contacting the support center.


Please use the inquiry form and let us know that you would like to change "Selection of mobile phone timetable schedule screen display mode" to "Detailed mode" .



By default, only the following items can be submitted from a mobile browser.

  • Request schedule
  • Half-day vacation type *
  • Leave by hours *
  • Substitute work *
  • Auto break
  • Request message

* Whether or not items are displayed is according to the settings on the management screen.


After applying to the support center, the display mode of the application screen will be switched to "Detailed mode". This will allow you to apply for four more items.

  • Clock-in division
  • Work day type
  • Work fixed start time *
  • Work fixed end time *

* Customers using "Overtime work application" will not be displayed in the schedule application.

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