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What should I do if the closing date changes?

For example, if you change from the 15th to the end of the month, you can change the settings from the screen below.


Settings 「employee"> Employee type set> of the target segmental [Edit]> basic information "closing date


After changing the closing date, click the [Register] button.



By changing the closing date, the period displayed in the time card and monthly data will be changed. This changes back in the past.


If you want to check and output the work summary in a period other than the current closing date, you can specify the date and time as follows.


Specifying the work summary period

Select All menu> Monthly data > Display period: By day , specify the start date and end date with the date picker beside, and click [Display].


The maximum range from start to finish is 3 months.


Specify monthly data output period

All menu > Export / import 

In the data output (export), [Monthly data [CSV]]> “ Target year/month ”: Click [ Specify date ], and specify the aggregation start date and aggregation end date with the date picker.


The maximum range from start to finish is 3 months.
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