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Can general managers close attendance?

If you have the authority, you can perform closing operations and cancel closing attendance them.



Settings > Administrator > Administrator settings > Click the row of the target administrator> [Edit]> In the "Division management rights " and "Employee type management authorization", grant "close" authority to the target division And register. If you combine "division management rights" and "employee type management authorization", the smaller one will be applied.


- Inherit parent settings

The authority set in "All division", "All employee type" or higher "division groups" is followed.


◯ Close/ reopen

Close attendance and its cancel closing is possible. In the daily data and monthly data, and [Close attendance button, you should be able to see the button [to cancel close of attendance].


△ Close attendance

You can perform close attendance , but you cannot cancel closing. In the daily data and the monthly data , only the [Close attendance] button is displayed. In this case, only the master administrator or other general administrators with closing authority can cancel the closing.


× Disable

There is no authority regarding "closing attendance".



The "End" authority can be set when the authority setting for "Time record" is "△ View only" or higher priority settings.

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