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Do you support the work interval system?

Yes, it does.


You can set a base time for the work interval and account for the number of times you are short of the base.


When combined with the alert function and notification function, when the number of shortfalls reaches a certain number, it is possible to display an alert on the screen or send an email notification to the administrator or employee.


What is a work interval?

It refers to a certain amount of "rest time" that is set between the end of work and the next work.


In this system, the standard time (interval time) of the interval between work is set, and if the time from the last workday to the first workday on the previous day is less than the standard time, it is counted as an interval shortage "1 time" and is calculated on a monthly basis. You can count the number of interval shortages .


In other words, if the following formula is satisfied, it is judged that the interval is insufficient.

Set interval time> Last departure time on the previous day-First time record on the day



  Set interval time Last day before
Leave work stamp (A)
First day
Attendance stamp (B)
1 11 hour 04/20 23:00 04/21 09:00 10 hour
2 11 hour 04/20 23:00 04/21 10:00 11 hour
3 11 hour 04/20 23:00 04/21 11:00 12 hour


In the example, 1 is judged as insufficient interval.

As in 2, if the BA time matches the interval time, the interval time is satisfied and the interval is not insufficient.


Setting method

Open Settings > Other > Options > Attendance Management Settings.


Select "Apply" in the "Count shortages of intervals between work" and enter the time to be the reference of the working interval in "Intervals time" to register.


The interval time can be set from 1 minute to 12 hours and 0 minutes.

For example, if the work interval is less than 10 hours and it is judged as "insufficient interval" , enter the interval time as "10" hours "0" minutes.

*The interval time is calculated based on the actual time record.
 Interval time cannot be calculated for discretionary clock in, discretionary clock out and discretionary clock in/out work.

This setting does not apply to the aggregation of days that have already been timed. Please perform attendance data recalculation in order to judge the interval shortage for the past aggregated data .


How to check the interval shortage count

If you select "Apply" Count shortages of intervals between work, you can check the number of shortages in the interval on the following screen and use it as an export item.

  • All menus> Monthly data
  • Time-card custom
  • All menus> Export/Import> Monthly data [CSV] “Create export file layout”
  • All menus > Export / Import > Timecard [PDF] "Create export file layout"


Monthly data 
*If you change the display conditions, you can also check it for a specific period or weekly.


Monthly data layout setting screen


Time card layout setting screen


Alert setting method

The alert function is used to display an alert on the screen when the interval shortage count exceeds a certain number .


1. If you are not currently using the alert function

Settings > Other > Options > Attendance management settings> Alert feature

Select "Apply" and register.


2. Open Settings> Screen Display> Alert Settings and click [Add Number of Days Alert].

For example, if you want to display an alert when the number of interval shortages in the month is two or more , set as follows.

  • Alert name…………“Insufficient interval more than twice” etc.
  • Applicable period…………If you want to use the number of interval shortages in alerts, be sure to select “Monthly”.
  • Alert target attendance........Check "Shortage of intervals".
  • Alert……………… Enter “2” days “or more”.
  • Display color…………Select the color to be displayed when the standard is exceeded.
  • Select employee type and division... Select the target for which you want to display alerts.


After inputting and registering, you can check the alert display by monthly data etc.


Email notification setting method

By combining the alert function and the notification function, you can send an email notification to the administrator or employee when the number of intervals reaches a certain number .


1. Open Settings > Other > Notice Settings > Alert Notification.


Check the alerts you want to be notified, select the time you want to send the notification email, and click [Select Target].


To prevent server load, you cannot select "9:00" or "9:30" for the notification time.


2. Set the target for email notification.  

In "Conditions", select the target division and employee type for which you want to send an email notification. In "Action", select whether or not to notify the employees whose interval shortage has reached the standard . If you want to notify the administrator, click [Select] and check the relevant administrator to register.


3. At the first notification time after reaching the standard, the target manager or employee will be notified by email.

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