Does your product support Japan's “Highly Professional Worker’s Program”?



About "Highly Professional System"

When introducing the "Highly Professional Worker’s Program," obligations and health measures are stipulated.



  • More than 104 days off a year


Health measures (choose one)

  • Setting upper limits on working hours
  • Intervals between work
  • Two consecutive weeks of vacation (104 days of mandatory holidays + two consecutive weeks of vacation)
  • Non-regular (Extra) health checkups

Our system allows you to set the warning date in a number of days until the expiration date, the minimum number of mandatory leaves, and to assign the health measures for each employee.


In addition, if there is an employee who may be in violation of the Highly Professional Worker’s Program, a warning is displayed on the Admin screen. Admins can also prevent overwork by checking the Workstyle reform alert screen.



1. Go to Settings > Others > Workstyle reform settings > [Highly Professional Worker’s Program] on the upper left side of the screen.


2. Click [Create New] and fill in the [Highly Professional Worker’s Program Code] and [Highly Professional Worker’s Program Name] at [Basic info] To make it easier to select employees later, please enter something that shows the purpose for which it was created.


3. Set up the Mandatory Holiday Settings.


Set the minimum number of mandatory days off at the "Minimum" field. The default is set to the statutory value of 104 days. The range of values you can enter is 104 to 360.


In the [Alert] field, you can set the timing to alert the administrator when an employee has not taken the minimum number of days off.


In addition, there is a [Select]button at [Excluding Leave Types]. Here, you can specify which leave type to exclude from the number of mandatory leaves tally(such as Absent). Click on this button for a pop-up window, select the leave type, and then click [Settings].


4. Set up the Measures.


Select one of the following four options: [Max. Working Hours Limit], [Work-interval], [Consecutive Holidays] and [Non-regular Health Checkup].

Max. Working Hours Limit

This feature focuses on "Hours in Office". For details on Hours in Office, please refer to this article.


Set the maximum number of hours allowed in the office per month, 3 months, or both. You can also set the threshold value for the alert. In [Limit], set the maximum number of hours an employee can stay at the office per month or 3 months.


In [Alert], set the threshold for alerting the administrator when an employee's time at the office reaches the maximum limit.


There is no legal requirement for the [Limit] setting. Please take the [Upper Limit Regulations of Overtime] settings into consideration as well and enter the value according to your company’s regulations.

 If the [Alert] value is not set, the system automatically enters the value equal to 80% of the [Limit] value.


Work interval

Set the number of hours required between the end of the previous day's workday and the start of the next day's workday.

To apply the same setting as "Settings > Other > Options > Count shortages of intervals between work", select [Follow Option Settings]. For details on Follow Option Settings, please refer to this article.

To apply a different setting, select [Intervals] and set the number of hours as needed.

You can set a value between 0 hours 1 minute and 12 hours 0 minutes.


Consecutive Holidays

Set the minimum number of consecutive leaves required in the [Minimum] field. The minimum value you can set is 14 days.


In the [Alert] field, you can set the timing to alert the administrator when an employee has not taken the minimum number of mandatory leaves. You can set the value between 1 and 360.


You can also select which leave types to count as consecutive leave from [Select]. Since you are required to manage such leaves separately from the 104 days of mandatory holidays, the system only shows the leave types that are not specified as mandatory holidays.


Consecutive Holidays are counted as consecutive as long as the leave is taken without working in between. Therefore. even if the employee takes a leave that is not specified as consecutive holidays in between, it does not affect the consecutive count as long as the employee takes the number of specified leaves consecutively before and after that leave.


Example: At [Select], select only "Special Leave".


Non-regular Health Checkup

No special settings are required for this item.


 You cannot manage the details of non-regular health checkups nor display alerts on this product. Please manage them separately in your company.


Perform the settings for the items above and click [Registration] to save.


5. Assign employees to the "Highly Professional Worker’s Program" you have created. Click [Select employee].


6. After the screen transition, click [Show] to display the employees. Select the employee you want to assign, and click [Registration].

You can check the list of Highly Professional Worker’s Program applied to the employees.


On the Highly Professional Worker’s Program screen, click [Employee selection list].


It shows the following screen.


To confirm warnings

If an employee reaches the alert or upper limit threshold, the [HL Pro Program Alert] is displayed in the [Attention]  section of the admin's home screen.


Clicking on it leads you to the list of employees who have reached the alert or upper limit threshold.


You can also click [Details] to the right of the employee's name to see when their attendance was affected.

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