Is it possible to prevent a different schedule from regular work hours to affect overtime calculation?

Yes this is possible.


You can prevent the overtime calculation from being affected by creating a labor standard time when setting up modified labor on a monthly basis. This makes it possible to display the reference time as a guide.


Conditions of use

It is assumed that the settings are as follows.


Settings OtherOptions> Attendance management settings> Variable Working Hours Setting Feature to Apply



Please display the following screen.


Settings " Employees "> Employment category settings > Target category [Edit]> "Working style" category> "Working hours": Select manual settings (flex and others)> [Transformed labor settings]


Check "Standard (hrs) settings per month" in the "Common" item, and enter the details in the standard time or the monthly base time in the " Monthly " item . After saving the settings with the [Register] button, recalculate attendance data and reflect it in the display.

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