I get an error when I try to delete a supplemental item, why?

If you do not delete "Access group settings " and "Access pattern settings" first, the error "This supplemental work item item cannot be deleted because it is used in the usage group" is displayed and it cannot be deleted.


After deleting "access group" and "access patterns", delete the supplemental work items.


"Access group" cannot be deleted if it is also used in "Access patterns". It is necessary to delete in the following order.

  • Delete "Access pattern settings" → Delete "Access group settings" → Delete "Supplementary working records settings"


1. Delete "Access pattern settings"

Click Settings> Other> “Supplemental item settings”> “Access patterns settings"> [Delete].


2. Delete "Access group settings"

Click "Access group settings"> [Delete].


3. Delete "supplemental working record settings"

Click "supplemental working record settings"> [Delete].


This completes the deletion of supplemental items.


* It is necessary to delete the options set in "Unit of calculation: Choices" using the same procedure.


When you want to delete only one supplemental item selected in the same usage group

Example) The supplemental items “at home work” and “home waiting” are included in the same usage group “group A”. The usage group "Group A" cannot be deleted if you want to delete only "at home work".


In such a case, remove only "at home work" from the usage group.
Usage group settings> Click [Edit] for “Group A”> Uncheck “Work from home”.



Even if you delete the suplemental item, it will not be automatically deleted from past attendance. Custom field aggregates also remain. In addition, when deleted, the date of the deletion execution date is displayed as shown in the image below.

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