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Is it possible to count night shifts? (General FAQ)

Yes this is possible.


For example, you may need to calculate night shifts because you are paying night shifts. In such a case, adding a count flag to the schedule pattern for night shifts enables the calculation.


It is necessary that the following two functions are available for calculation.

  • Schedule general flag function
  • Custom data item setting function


* Internal settings at the support center are required for use. Please let us know that you would like to use it from the inquiry form.


Schedule general-purpose flag function Points when requesting addition
・ Please decide the item name of 1 to 10 characters and request.
-You can create up to two schedule general-purpose flags.


Setting method

Flags can be assigned to attendance in two ways:

  1. Include in schedule pattern
  2. Individually assigned from the time data edit screen


1. Include in schedule pattern


Click Settings > Schedule > Pattern Settings > [+ New Registration] or [Edit] for an existing pattern.


In the "Advanced features" at the bottom of the screen, the compulsory setting items for the created item are displayed, so select "Checked".



Forcibly set "night shift allowance" to the "night shift" pattern.

Unregistered information will be lost when the edit screen is open. Please note that you will need to log in again and register again. The time-out time is fixed and cannot be changed.


In the above example, each night shift pattern would add one night shift allowance count, and each business trip pattern would add one travel expense count.


* If "Vacation classification" is used as the vacation acquisition method, the default setting is that the general-purpose flag is automatically canceled on days with a full-day vacation schedule. If there is a general-purpose flag that you want to assign to a vacation day, uncheck the figure below in advance within the applicable vacation category.


The flag name specified by the customer is displayed in the item name ("Flag 1" and "Flag 2").


2. Assign individually from the work data edit screen


You can manually assign a count flag from the "Edit work data" screen. The items are displayed as shown in the figure below on the "Edit work data" screen of the corresponding employee. Flags are assigned by checking and saving.


How to check the count result

Use the custom display setting function to create an item that displays the flag count on the screen. Custom fields you create can also be used in CSV export layouts.


Creating a custom data item

Settings> Screen Display> Custom data item Settings> Select the "Monthly" and then click + Create New.

Select "Numeric value" as the calculation unit. Check the "+" column of the item name you want to count in "Select item to add" and click registration.


How to check the count result

From the [Custom] tab on the monthly data screen or time card screen, you can check the count results of the created custom items.


Please note that counting is not performed in the following cases.
・In case of error work
・When the time record is not entered (except when all-day leave is taken)
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