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Is it possible to calculate fixed hours only (restriction time)?

Yes this is possible.


This can be confirmed by using the custom data item settings .


*In order to use, internal settings in the support center are required. Please use the inquiry form to let us know that you would like to use "Custom data item settings".



There are the following two patterns as to which time the "working time" is intended for.


 Calculate based on time record 

The time from start work to the end work is targeted.


Schedule 09:00~17:00

Time record hours 08:50 ~ 17:20

→ Working hours 08:50 ~ 17:20 = 8 hours 30 minutes


Calculated according to the clock-in schedule and the clock-out schedule

Employee type setting> "About work (hrs) before clock-in schedule" "About work (hrs) after the clock-out schedule"

Refer to the settings below.


About work (hrs) before clock-in schedule: Do not treat as attendance (hrs)

About work (hrs) after the clock-out schedule: Treat as attendance hours


Schedule 09:00~17:00

Time record hours 08:50 ~ 17:20

→ Working hours from 09:00 to 17:20 = 8 hours and 20 minutes


If the work start time limit or work end time limit is set in the schedule pattern or schedule application, the set time limit has priority.




About work (hrs) before clock-in schedule:  Treat as attendance hours

About work (hrs) after the clock-out schedule: Do not treat as attendance (hrs)


Schedule 09:00~18:00

Work Fixed Start time 09:00

Work Fixed End time 19:00

Time record hours 08:50 ~ 18:20

Working hours from 09:00 to 18:20 = 9 hours and 20 minutes


Common rules

  • The direct visit/ no return, etc. are handled in the same way as normal attendance.
  • The office hours include breaks.
  • Work hours does not include leave .


The default setting is "Calculate from clock-in time". If you wish to change the setting, please request the change of "calculation method of restraint time" from the inquiry form .


Setting method

Settings > Display > Custom data item settings > [+ New]

Enter the custom display code and custom display name , check the "+" in "Hours in Office", and click [Register].


Hours in Office has been added to the time summary item as a custom data item.

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