What is "Wage data import [CSV]"? *Data input (import)

◆ All Menu > Export/Import > Input data (Import)> [Wage Data [CSV]]


On this operation screen, unit price data for each employee can be imported from CSV data. Up to 50 items can be registered at one time.

* This item is displayed only when "Use" is selected in Settings> Others> Options> Attendance management settings> "Labor cost estimate output function".


Create CSV data

Prepare the CSV data to import.


1. Select the contents of the employee unit price you want to enter and click [Import].

  • Basic unit price (monthly salary unit price, daily salary unit price, hourly salary unit price)
  • Unit price surcharge rate (daily wage standard unit price (weekday daily wage)/hourly wage standard unit price (fixed), premium rate master registration)
  • Hourly unit price by time slot category


2. Click [Download template for input] in "1. Download template file" to download the template (CSV format). Save it on your desktop.


3. Open the saved CSV file with Notepad or Excel. Enter the information exactly as in the title line (1st line) and save the file in CSV format.


For information on how to enter the values and precautions when creating the file , please read "Read first" at the top of the unit price data entry screen .



Import the prepared CSV data.


1. Click [Select File] in "2. Select CSV File" and select the created CSV file.


2. Click [Upload] to display the confirmation screen. If there is no problem, click the [Register] button. The import will start.

*If the error list is displayed, you need to modify the CSV file, delete all error elements, and then upload again.

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