What is "division group data [CSV]"? *Data input (import)

◆ All Menu > Export/Import >   Data input (import)> [Enter group data]


You can import the data about your group by importing CSV data.

*This item is a setting > Other > Option > “Division group function” → Only displayed if it is set to use .


Create CSV data

1. Download the template.

[Division group data [CSV]]> Select the layout in “1. Select the method of entering the belonging group data” and click [Download template for input]. The template (CSV format) will be downloaded. Save it on your desktop.


  • Division group tree data
    Set the belonging group in a hierarchical structure. Please set in the format of [Division group code::Division group name]. If the belonging group code is the same and the name is different from the registered contents, Change the name.

  • Assigned group data
    Set which group each division belongs to. Set in the format of [division code::division name], [division group code::division group name].


2. Open the saved CSV file with Notepad or Excel. Save the file in CSV format according to the format of each layout.


As for the input method, please refer to the example input in Excel on the group data input screen .



Import the prepared CSV data.


1. Click [Select File] in "2. Select CSV File" and select the created CSV file.


2. Click [Upload] to display the confirmation screen. If there is no problem, click the [Register] button. The import will start.

*If the error list is displayed, you need to correct the CSV file, delete all error elements, and then upload again.

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