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Can holidays be uploaded by importing?

Yes this is possible.
Holidays can be registered in a batch by importing a CSV file.


How to register

Please access the following first.

Export / importPublic Holidays


1. Click the [Download template for input] button to download the sample CSV data.


2. Please refer to the input rules below and the input example of the link on the page to enter the necessary items in the CSV data.


Item name Description
Public Holiday Date This is a required item.

Enter the dates for the holidays. The date format is half-width alphanumeric characters and can be in either "YYYYMMDD" or "YYYY/MM/DD" format.
Public Holiday Name This is a required item.

Enter the holiday name using up to 20 characters.
Division code This is a required item.

Enter the division code in 3 to 10 alphanumeric characters.
Enter the division code of the division that has already been registered. Holidays will be set for the division specified here.

If you do not enter the division code, the holiday will be set in "All divisions".


3. Select the created CSV data and click the [Select File] button to import the holidays in a batch.

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