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How do you create a custom export layout for inclusion in human resources labor freee?

Customers are requested to customize the items of this product according to freee and select the necessary items. 


If you create a specific salary layout, you can export the data from this system and then import it into "freee" as it is. (There is no need to create a capture layout on the "freee" side.)


Procedure for creating layout for "freee" cooperation

1. Log in with a plenipotentiary administrator account and select All Menus  > Other " Export / Import "> > In the data output (export), next to [Monthly data [CSV]] " Create output layout "Click .


2. Monthly data custom item> Click [+ New].


3. Enter the following to register.

Custom item name: Overtime hours
Items to add: [+] Overtime hours [+] Late-night overtime hours


4. Similarly, create the following custom fields. Create a total of 5 custom fields.

  • Custom item name: Fixed hours
  • Items to add:
    [+] Fixed hours
    [+] Late-night fixed hours*
    * If this item name is not displayed, select "Late-night working hours".


  • Custom item name: Late-night working hours
  • Items to add:
    [+] Late night fixed hours* 1
    [+] Late night overtime* 1
    [+] Late night extra hours
    [+] Fixed late night hours on holidays* 2
    [+] Holiday late-night overtime* 2
    [+] Holiday late-night extra hours
    * 1 If it is not displayed, select "Midnight working hours". * 2 If it is not displayed, select "Midnight holiday time".


  • Custom item name: Legal holiday hours
  • Items to add:
    [+] Legal holiday fixed time
    [+] Legal holidays Non-scheduled hours* 3
    [+] Legal holiday overtime hours* 3
    [+] Legal holiday midnight fixed time※4
    [+] Legal holiday late-night overtime※4
    [+] Legal holiday late-night extra hours* 3 * 3 If it is not displayed, you do not have to select it. * 4 If it is not displayed, select "Legal holiday midnight time".


  • Custom item name: Non-legal holiday hours
  • Items to add:
    [+] Non-legal holiday fixed hours
    [+] Non-legal holidays Non-scheduled hours※5
    [+] Non-legal holiday extra hours※5
    [+] Non-legal holiday late night fixed hours time* 6
    [+] Non-legal holidays late night overtime* 6
    [+] Non-legal holidays late night extra hours* 5 * 5 If it is not displayed, you do not have to select it. * 6 If it is not displayed, select "Non-legal holiday late night hours".


 5. Next, click Monthly Data Layout Settings> [+ New].


6. Enter the following to register.


item name explanation
Layout name Optional (for "freee cooperation" etc.)
Output direction vertical
Item name output * Copy and paste the following into the custom item name.
Company name, employee code, name, name (Frigana), gender, regular working hours (minutes), legal overtime hours (minutes), overtime working hours (minutes), late-night working hours (minutes), legal holiday working hours (Minute), Scheduled holiday working hours (minutes), Total working hours (minutes), Total number of working days, Scheduled working days, Scheduled holiday working days, Legal holiday working days, Late hours (minutes), Early out hours (minutes), Number of absentee days, number of late arrivals, number of early departures, number of annual leave acquisition days, total start date, total end date
Quart string Do not enclose the data in "" "
Time display format Minutes
Choices Please select the following 24 items.
* For the red item, select the "Salary custom item" created above.

Company name
Employee code
Name (phonetic)
Prescribed time
Overtime hours Working hours at
Legal holiday hours
Non-legal holiday hours
Total working hours
Total number of working days
Weekday work days
Number of non-legal holiday work days
Legal holiday work days
Late time
Early leave time
Number of days absenteeism
Number of late in
Number of early out
Number of days of paid holidays taken
Aggregation start date
Aggregation end date

* The number of days of leave other than "paid leave" and "absence" cannot be imported.
* "Time slot category" and "Custom data item" cannot be imported.
* "Additional overtime hours" and "Extra late night overtime hours" cannot be imported, so please be careful not to set "Extra overtime hours".


Monthly data output procedure

Export the data using the layout you created.
All menus  > Export / Import In the data output (export) [ Monthly data [CSV], Please output according to the procedure on the screen.


1. Select the output conditions

Output target date
Monthly and date can be specified.

Output options
Output at the employee's office
* Data of employees who worked for help in the selected affiliation is also output.


2. Select an output layout

Select the output layout you created.


3. Select the target employee

The data of the selected division is output. Please combine with the following employee type. 

Employee type
The data of the selected employee type is output.


4. Data output

Click the [Data Output] button at the bottom to display the confirmation screen below. If there are error work or unconfirmed applications, accurate aggregation cannot be performed. Please correct in advance from "Processing that needs to be handled" on the TOP screen . Check the time delimiter and line feed character, and if there are no problems, click [Data Output] at the bottom.

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