What can I do with the operation menu on the employee screen (mobile login)?

You can check your mobile time card by logging in to the employee screen with your mobile phone (feature phone) or smartphone browser .

This section describes each operation button on the menu screen.

* The display may differ depending on the feature phone or mobile device of the smartphone.



Menu name

  1. Chameleon code
  2. Time record confirmation
  3. Confirmation of supplemental work items
  4. Schedule check
  5. Various applications
  6. Change Password
  7. My recorder


1. Chameleon code

The chameleon code of each employee is displayed on the employee screen (at the time of mobile login) of the company that has introduced the chameleon code recorder You can time record by holding the screen of your mobile phone over the Chameleon Code Recorder.

  •  Only when the mobile phone screen is displayed in color.
  • If you want to print the chameleon code, please use the printing application.

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2. Checking the time record

Check the time record status.

Time record confirmation screen                  


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3. Confirmation of supplemental working items

Check the supplemental work items.

Supplemental work item confirmation screen


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4. Schedule confirmation

Check the schedule status.

Schedule confirmation screen


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5. Various applications

Apply for time record, schedule, supplementary items, overtime, etc. In [Time record application] [Schedule application] [Supplemental item application] [Overtime work application], tap the application date from the calendar date to apply.


In [Edit desired working hours], you can select the date and register the available working hours.
* "Edit desired work hours" is a completely different function from "Schedule application function". It is a function that "enters the time when employees can work and the administrator creates shifts one day at a time while checking it."


Click [Check/Cancel Application] to check the application made within the last 60 days.
*Once an application has been approved, it cannot be deleted (cancelled). If you wish to make corrections or changes, please apply again.


* The item display for application of supplementary items, application for overtime work, and editing of desired work hours varies depending on the customer's settings.

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6. Change password

Change the login password. Enter your current password and set a new one.


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7. My recorder

Access My Recorder. (Returns to the time record screen.)
*Displayed only when set by the administrator.


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